Comisa thinks vertically

Comisa thinks vertically

Two new Modula storages installed

News 20 Nov 2020

Comisa continues to invest in production logistic processes, integrating two new vertical storages in addition to the existing one.

What is a vertical storage?

The vertical storage is an automatic system used to store and move tools which are useful for the production process in the short and long term: moulds, pressing components, mechanical parts and tools. The vertical distribution of the tools, combined with the automatic functioning of the storages, allows for an efficient organization, a fast recovery of the items and a significant reduction of the space used for storing.

How does it work?

In the vertical storage, each item is placed inside sliding drawers, which move vertically onto the rails and within the storage. When the operator needs an item, he requests it from the control panel and the drawer containing such item is automatically brought to the point of collection, where the tool can be easily picked up.

With Modula, Comisa has eased the operators’ work and speeded up the processes to mould plumbing components, maximizing the space usage and facilitating the access to the tools.

Watch the video and find out how it works: