Comisa receives ELITE’s seal of quality

Comisa receives ELITE’s seal of quality

A great milestone for a future of growth

News 4 Dec 2020

As of November 2020, Comisa takes part in the exclusive ELITE Network, alongside 18 other Italian companies that can be considered as ambassadors of the “Made in Italy” concept. ELITE, private market of the London Stock Exchange Group, is an international community made of over 1400 SMEs selected in 45 countries and tagged with the quality seal.

Through ELITE’s partner “Imprese Vincenti”, program provided by Intesa Sanpaolo that enhances SMEs, Comisa joins the team, accessing a virtuous ecosystem which sets professional growth as the main objective.

Not only does ELITE confer a prestigeous status to the organization, but it also provides a training program that focuses on strategy and finance, designed to initiate the company to capital markets, facilitate internationalization and intercept new opportunities when it comes to awareness, therefore accelerating the firm’s growth. Comisa takes this path in order to transform its vision and strategic plans, with the aim of reaching results and facilitating its growth.

Comisa is proud of this milestone and is taking on this path as a challenge to grow even further!