Comisa gets bigger

Comisa gets bigger

With the development of a new production area, Comisa will grow its production capacity for the next 10 years

News 25 Jun 2021

Work resumes, but Comisa never stopped

2020 has challenged many people and organizations. This peculiar year was quite demanding, but at the same time, it showed us that we can learn from difficulty.

Precisely in this 2020 Comisa has been able to adapt to change and take the opportunity to renew itself and learn at least two fundamental lessons: the importance of continuing to invest in the future and the value of the people the company is made of.

We invest our resources in continuous growth

In the past 10 years, our company growth in terms of turnover has led to significant investments in Technology, in order to ensure levels of automation that can guarantee the high quality of our products. The new challenge that awaits us is to grow even further... How?

This year, Comisa has acquired a new area made of 10.200 square meters of indoor surface in Pisogne (Brescia), right next to the Costa Volpino (Bergamo) production area. Our objective is to profit from this new investment to increase our production capacity by 2.5 times by building:

  • 3.500 mq for the new semi-automated warehouse

  • 2.100 mq for the new logistics area

  • 5.700 mq for the new assembly department

  • 2.900 mq for the new components’ storage area

  • 800 mq for the cafeteria and the employees’ locker rooms

  • 1000 mq for the new offices