Comisa has a new mascot!

News 12 Jun 2019

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, we would like to want to introduce you to Hidro, our new mascot. A nice animated link that will go along with us during our ventures participating in exhibitions, events, and communication and image projects. If the somewhat funny and playful appearance of Hidro can be misleading, our mascot also hides a strong, competent and professional reflection of our own essence.

From time to time, Hidro will illustrate the innovations, curiosities and goals that Comisa intends to achieve, showing the modern technological solutions in the sector of hydro-thermo-sanitary, tested and marketed by the company.

The Hydro-sanitary sector thanks to Hidro becomes within reach of all

The creation of a dynamic mascot was born from the idea of making it easier to understand how the mechanisms of the sanitary sector works, even to those who are not technicians, and therefore do not have specific skills in the sector. A fun and sparkling way, which will allow anyone to approach our world and its continuous growth and evolution in the field of technology. Hidro will accompany the customer throughout the journey, explaining step by step the production processes that characterize the industrial reality of Comisa.

Hidro is waiting for you in our headquarters in Pisogne (BS), in via Neziole, 27. You can also discover it on our website and on the Facebook page "Comisa S.p.A.". The Comisa team and Hidro are looking forward to meet you!