4.0 Industry

4.0 Industry

Comisa becomes more competitive with the new 4.0 plant

News 24 May 2019

For a reality in continuous expansion like Comisa S.p.A. it becomes necessary, if not essential, to expand the spaces of the production process. That is why we built a new industrial plant, inaugurated in June 2018, with a production area of 5.300 square meters in the plant located in Pisogne, Via Neziole 27. The ribbon cutting was done by the board of directors' president and founder Mr. Federico De Lisi, in the presence of the whole economic and social community gathered to celebrate the new goal reached by the company. Comisa becomes therefore even more competitive in all sectors of the Hydro-thermo-sanitary area, from fittings and valves to innovative floor heating and cooling systems.

An innovative semi-automatic warehouse

The investment for the construction of the new industrial area is the result of ten months of work and represents the progress of the company in the world of Industry 4.0. A necessary step for a constantly expanding reality that marks a further step in the technological renewal of plants, machinery and the entire production process.

"The future of the next 20 years - says the chairman of the Management Board Mr.Federico De Lisi - we have already achieved it, thanks to the innovative Industry 4.0 machines acquired by Comisa. The best you can find in the world market, because it is a very specific and technological core of our sector ".

"The investments - says Mr. Fiorenzo Giorgi, plant manager - have been made on the machines that allow us to be at the forefront of the technological market and therefore more competitive, but above all to take care of the product quality in the best way". In fact, the new management system implemented in January 2018 and coordinated with the new machines of the Industry 4.o allowed us to unify the work flow between the plants of Costa Volpino (BG) and Pisogne (BS).

The plant

In the new area you can find the semi-automatic warehouse on the ground floor with dynamic location and collection coordinated with the new management, which decides how to organize the entire "pick & place" process of the goods in a completely automatic way. On the first floor you can find assembling robots team, always interfaced with the management system, and two other new areas dedicated to the company's leading products, such as ball valves and press fittings.

In 2017 Comisa S.p.A. has closed a budget that has touched the ceiling of 48 million euros and in 2019, the year of its 50th anniversary of its foundation, Comisa is about to exceed 50 millions.A constant growth that began in 1969 and never stopped: 24 millions in 2008, 33 in 2012 up to 48.5 in 2017. A dizzying achievement that has led to an increase in personnel, from the 20 employees of the years '80 to 75 in 2012 to 130 in 2018. Personnel who remains the strenght and the heart of Comisa SpA, now as half a century ago.

If you are interested in learning more about the innovative Industry 4.0 technologies adopted by Comisa and about products and systems created thanks to them, our staff is always at your complete disposal!