New ball valve 137

New ball valve 137

Suitable for the flow water of drinking water

News 10 Jul 2019

The new Comisa valve represents innovation and safety thanks to its performance characteristics.


Legionellosis is a lung infection caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila and is transmitted to humans through the inhalation of contaminated water particles.

Currently infections mainly derive from the contamination of water distribution systems such as: shower, air conditioners, iron, water systems etc. Legionella can be avoided through the choice of suitable plumbing products.

Like the 137 Comisa ball valve which has a perforated sphere and contrary to what happens in traditional systems, when the valve is in a totally open position, the continuous rinsing prevents stagnant water and the proliferation of bacteria.


The 137 Comisa ball valve has a perforated ball that always keeps the body chamber in communication with the valve passage.

This prevents the possible formation of frost from generating strong pressure on the internal walls causing them to break as happens in many other types of valves.


DVGW is the German acronym of "Deutscher Verein des Gas und Wasserfaches e. V.-Technisch-wissenschaftlicher Verein"; that is the German technical and scientific association for gas and water.

The 137 Comisa valve complies with the EN13828 standard and the DVGW W570-1 worksheet, the latter regulates the requirements regarding hygiene and materials, defines self-monitoring and third-party monitoring, as well as product-specific national requirements.

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