New Comisa Manifolds

New Comisa Manifolds

The new manifold kits with lower flow bar are now available

News 1 Oct 2021

Introducing a new product is the result of in-depth research and constant improvement: the new Comisa distribution manifolds with lower flow bar are exactly the result of this commitment.

Starting from October, the new configurations for the distribution manifolds are available both in brass and stainless steel, and they will come in a brand new structure:

The water flow will be in the lower bar of the manifold

This was designed to offer a practical alternative to use in any installation and to facilitate the assembly of electro-thermal heads.

But this is not all! We added

New brackets

which will make it simpler to install the manifolds even in the smaller spaces, such as boxes that are as deep as 80mm. It will be enough to adjust the second fixing nut to flex the bracket in the lower part to simplify any installation intervention.

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