Our future is green

Our future is green

We look to the future with respect

News 21 Jun 2019

We have developed, in the course of our activities, an experience of now 50 years, a green attitude to constantly try to identify technological solutions able to assure the current society and future generations a cleaner world, aim to environment safeguard. Preserving the natural balance through continuous investments made on renewable energies, is the cornerstone on which our work is based. Our company ethics are reflected in particular in our structures, equipped with machinery with low environmental impact and in the type of products we manufacture, which aim to energy saving.

Cutting-edge solutions that use clean energy

Comisa produces systems for underfloor heating and cooling for underfloor heating and cooling that guarantee energy efficiency. Thanks also to a staff of highly qualified professionals, Comisa concentrates its production on alternative solutions to those that could worsen the state of environmental pollution. The new goals achieved by the industrial pole in the field of the green economy have been made possible by constant investments based on development, research and training of personnel, always updated on new technologies present in the market with a lower environmental impact.

Comisa Energy

Comisa places the optimization of energy resources at the base of its business growth. From this challenge, the Comisa Energy division was born, which responds to the professional requests of all the hydro-thermo-sanitary and private sectors with the creation of highly technological and energy-saving underfloor heating and cooling systems.

A reality of wide international scale

Being able to establish itself as a competitive reality in the green economy sector, has allowed Comisa to develop an international vision that permits comparison with the realities of the rising Hydro-thermo -sanitary sector in the world. The strong bond with the territory does not prevent us from expanding our international competence. indeed, It acts as an incentive to keep on improving and implementing, always with a view to environmental protection, the knowledge of the sector. The company exports its products to Europe, Asia, North Africa and South America.

If you want to receive more information on the innovative Hydro-thermo-sanitary cleaners systems of Comisa Energy, you can find us in Via Neziole 27, in Pisogne (BS) or you can phone +39 0364 896811. Our staff is always ready to assist you!