Project: Bilingualism in Pisogne since childhood

Project: Bilingualism in Pisogne since childhood

An innovative project designed for future generations

News 4 Sep 2019

The bilingualism project at the institute "Tenente Giovanni Corna Pellegrini" in Pisogne

Comisa has always supported school education. One of the most innovative projects that we will support from now to the next three years is the introduction of the English language in Pisogne's infant school, an ambitious and long-term project that will enable even children far from the big cities to learn a second language, from the first steps taken in school education.

Why bring bilingualism to Pisogne

The importance of introducing English into a rural area such as Pisogne is linked to the job prospects of the new generations and to the function of the anglophone language, now more and more essential in every field of study and work. A bilingual school will give the possibility to have local staff with an excellent knowledge of English and with career opportunities both in business and tourism.

The importance of bilingualism in childhood

Learning a foreign language from early childhood stimulates the brain and therefore cognitive development, improving mental flexibility and analytical skills. This enables today's children to be children ready to face the difficulties of tomorrow with a knowledge free from conditioning, cultural prejudice and communication problems.

Education designed specifically for them

The courses will be held by native speakers and monitored by institutions with consolidated experience in the project, such as Trento 5, Martinengo, S. Carlo and Hfarm.

English will be learned step by step and commensurate with the age of the children, we will start with a receptive approach and then move on to reading-writing and finally to teaching Italian and English-speaking culture.

To find out more, you can sign up for the convention on 6 and 7 September at the Darfo Boario Terme congress center where the benefits of the project will be explained and the importance of bilingualism deepened from early childhood. Find out more!