Over the years we have specialized in the manufacturing and commercialising of plumbing and underfloor heating and cooling systems

Underfloor heating and cooling systems

We offer new generation underfloor heating and cooling systems. Minimum thickness and maximum performance: these are the main features of Comisa Energy products.

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A corporate philosophy of passion to ensure each customer the highest quality

The quality of the end products and, even before that, of the selected materials is one of our main cornerstones on which we base our work.

To achieve excellence we have to ensure, continually study and carry out research. We are aware of this need and therefore we are constantly investing in staff training and in Industry 4.0.

Our business stands out for its total dedication to its customers and the way it takes their specific needs to heart. Our mission is to ensure the customer understands the true quality of the end result when using our products.

The highest levels of performance are achieved by valuing our human resources. It is important for us to identify each individual employee's potential, to guarantee each member of our staff a motivating and professional growth.


A journey which has lasted 50 years

Our company was founded in 1969 in Pisogne (BS). We have always been highly aware of the needs of the community and over the years, we have become a competitive business in all plumbing and underfloor heating and cooling sectors. We are constantly committed to giving value to our human resources and we involve company personnel in all phases of the production process, in order to guarantee valid, expertly manufactured products.

The activity starts in an old farmhouse
Production is re-located in the family home's attic, Pisogne (BS)
New location in Pian Camuno (BS)
New location in Via De Gasperi, Pisogne (BS)
New head office and production site in Corna di Darfo (BS)
Foundation of «cantieri comisa» boat building
New location in Gianico (BS) Investments in automation & robotic
International certificate ISO 9001
New location in Neziole street, Pisogne (BS)
Assembly department extention in Pisogne
Shipping department extention, in Pisogne
New production site, in Agostino Caggioli street, Pisogne (BS)
Ravani S.r.l. acquisition
Warehouse extention in Pisogne
Merging by incorporation of Ravani S.r.l. Headquarter extention, Pisogne (BS) New EDI Comisa S.p.A. is back
New semi-automatic warehouse, Pisogne (BS)


From local to international business

Our strong link with the community has not prevented us from developing an international vision which allows us to compare with other giants in the sector and to encourage company development. We export our products in more then 50 countries.