We design underfloor heating and cooling systems

We place the optimisation of our energy resources at the heart of our professional development. This challenge gave rise to the Comisa Energy division, which can count on a dedicated and highly specialised team to respond to professional requests of hydro-termo sanitary sector and of private customers, to devise high-tech underfloor heating and cooling systems with considerable energy saving.


The Silent system provides specific panels for the ceiling to guarantee heat and acoustic insulation against impact noises from floor vibrations caused by people walking or objects falling.

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The Standard system is ideal for underfloor heating and cooling. Its perfect installation pattern guarantees an optimum uniformity of the surface temperature.

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This system is ideal for both underfloor heating and cooling, and thanks to its perfect geometric laying it guarantees an excellent level of surface temperature homogeneity. The fixed laying spaces, 5 cm and multiples, ensure high levels of thermal efficiency, depending on the type of installation/building shell.

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The FLAT system is suitable for underfloor heating and cooling. The shape of the panel makes laying particularly rapid, as it consists simply of unrolling the panel on to the support surface.

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This system is ideal for both underfloor heating and cooling. Moreover, in addition to having all the technical features of the TECNO system, it is ideal for renovations thanks to a minimal size only 62 mm, including the screed covering the pipes.

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New system with unique features! The use of graphite in the realization of the panel increases the thermal resistance, improving its insulation downwards and allowing the laying of radiant floor systems with minimum dimensions and high efficiency values both in heating and cooling.

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The WET EPS system extends and integrates the Saicom Thermoconcept series. Its features make it ideal for the renovation construction sector and aims to reduce general construction site costs.

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Comelast is a flexible system, ready in 48 hours, ideal for both renovation work, where energy ratings count and for new and energy efficient homes.

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The DRY FG system is ideal for underfloor heating and cooling and is an innovative solution when the available height is reduced to the minimum. The extremely reduced laying thickness is, in fact, one of the system's strong points. To the plaster fiber panel of only 15/18 mm thick, you just add the thickness of the floor-laying.

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