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This system is ideal for both underfloor heating and cooling, and thanks to its perfect geometric laying it guarantees an excellent level of surface temperature homogeneity.

The fixed laying spaces, 5 cm and multiples, ensure high levels of thermal efficiency, depending on the type of installation/building shell.

The special ribs between the studs allow to keep the multilayer pipe raised, thus improving drowning in the support layer (screed) with a resulting improvement in the thermal yield.

The expanded polystyrene panel is extremely wear and tear and walk resistant, thanks to the coupling of the EPS insulating layer with the rigid polystyrene sheet of 0.7 mm. These characteristics create a tightly sealed unit between panels which is ideal for liquid self-leveling screeds. Moreover, in addition to having all the technical features of the TECNO system, it is ideal for renovations thanks to a minimal size - only 62 mm - including the screed covering the pipes.

The high values of resistance to compression make the surface walkable during laying.

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