Comisa was founded with one clear objective: to develop an organisation focused on exaltation based on enhancing the skills of its technicians and employees

Mario De Lisi
Managing Director

Mario De Lisi, born in 1975 and Federico's son, entered the company in 1995 and embraced its vision for quality. Over the years, he has focused on ensuring Comisa's excellence is acknowledged globally. He has widened the company's horizons to numerous foreign markets and optimised internal processes. He supports technological and management innovation and, by using targeted investments, he has launched the company into the world of Industry 4.0.

Federico De Lisi
Chairman of the Board

Born in 1943, Federico De Lisi founded Comisa in 1969. By focusing on his objective to achieve process and product excellence, he has managed the company to continually evolve and expand. As current managing director, he strongly supports and gives value to human resources and firmly encourages the positive impact the company can make on the surrounding community.

Laura De Lisi
External Consultant

Laura De Lisi, Federico's daughter and Mario's twin sister, has spent many years at Comisa, managing various aspects of company relations. Over the years, she has acted as public relation, working in the creative and communication departments and organising events. She currently focuses on managing family's tourist activity, on the island of Filicudi.

Comisa was born with a clear objective: to develop an organization focused on enhancing the skills of its technicians and collaborators

Marco Lollio
COO & Plants Manager

Born in 1963, he has been working in Comisa since 1985. Today he is the plant manager of the Pisogne and Costa Volpino headquarters, for which he is delegated as safety manager. He also manages human resources.

Fiorenzo Giorgi
COO - Chief Operating Officer

Born in 1958, he began working in Comisa in 1979. Today he is the general manager and he is close to ownership in the company's important decisions.

Giacomo Franzoni
COO - Chief Operating Officer

Born in 1983, he has been working in Comisa since 2011. To date he is the youngest figure to be part of the company management; he collaborates in the most important management and organizational decisions.

Mauro Signorato
Costa Volpino Plant Manager

Born in 1965, after a long management experience, he joined the Comisa team in 2013. Today he is the plant manager of the Costa Volpino production site and safety manager.

Vittorio Lo Russo
Account Manager

Born in 1964, he has recently joined the Comisa team. He immediately began to take care of the administrative and financial management of the company.


We have always placed our people at the heart of our evolution

It is essential for us establish an emphatic relationship with our employees, so that they feel humanly and professionally involved in all our evolutionary phases. Our entrepreneurial mission is based on meritocracy, which ensures us the highest levels of competition in our sector.

We combine industry 4.0 technologies with the skills of our specialized technicians. R&D, assembly and quality control are just some of the tasks performed by our staff with the utmost care, creating quality products for the end customer.

Technical, commercial and administrative offices: this is where we manage the administration and production of all documentation necessary to ensure the efficiency of our services.


The competency and synergy within the Group make us a solid, reliable business

Staff training

We believe in the potential of our employees, therefore we choose to constantly invest in training courses on various topics, such as safety, personal development and interaction with customers and colleagues.

Wellness area

We provide a free wellness area for all our employees, consisting of a gym, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath.

2 Electric vehicle charging stations

In line with our Green philosophy, we have decided to install two electric vehicle charging stations in the company car park.

Restaurant Voucher

We give each employee working a minimum of 4 hours per day a presence bonus in the form of a Restaurant Voucher.

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