A wide range of products designed for industrial and domestic use.

Comisa adopts the most innovative production techniques and quality control on the market to ensure hard wearing, top performing products for its customers.

Plumbing and Heating

Comisa specialises in designing fittings, press systems, manifolds, valves and component parts for the heating appliance sector.

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Comisa Energy

We manufacture innovative, underfloor heating and air conditioning systems.

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A production process based on the most innovative technologies to ensure the high standard of the end products.

Raw materials

Comisa selects only top quality materials to make valid products, which fulfil customers' long-term requirements. Thanks to our use of certified bronze alloys, the thermo-hydraulic components we produce fully comply with the legislative provisions in force.


Quality comes first. This is the slogan, on which the Comisa team bases its work, in order to always guarantee excellent quality products and heating and air conditioning systems suitable for any home. Thanks to our highly specialised staff, Comisa carefully follows all the phases of the production process without overlooking a single detail in order to guarantee our customers get the best performance.


Hot moulding is the phase in the production process, in which the raw materials are moulded into shape. The department in charge of this vital, initial process is equipped with new generation presses, which can reach a maximum pressure of 500,000 kg/cm². Our technical department is able to create 100% of the moulds used during the processing phases, according to the customer's specific requests.


Our assembly chain is equipped with some of the major solutions of industrial automation 4.0 found on the market and this phase of the process is where the different parts combine to give the end product. Robotic islands and display systems guarantee very high standards of efficient production. Thanks also to our highly qualified technicians, who symbolise Comisa's excellence and for whom we invest in training, we can guarantee the customer receives a unique, expertly manufactured product.


Comisa offers shipment services throughout Italy and abroad. Each Comisa product represents the excellent quality of Made in Italy, which we ship to over 50 countries worldwide in both large and small quantities, thanks to specialised transport and various in-house vehicles owned by Comisa.


Comisa S.p.A. provides its customers, dealers and technicians with a wide network of services: from consultancy and commercial assistance to organising training courses for professionals in the thermo-hydraulic sector. The company from Brescia is able to help its customers optimise their use of the products, and exploit their potential and functions to the maximum.