A timeless evolution without limits

Our company, since the foundation, has invested to achieve structural and also professional growth that allows it to keep up with all the latest 4.0 technologies.


Comisa looks to the future with respect

To safeguard our future it is necessary to have a business management that is increasingly attentive to the Green logic to protect the environment. We have embraced this cause by making it one of the main values in which we invest and believe strongly. A mission, which aims to preserve a natural balance, by constantly investing in renewable energy.

In 2007 the first photovoltaic system with an energy output of 88 kW was installed, today the power has reached 650 kW. In 2018 have been installed two charging stations for electric vehicles. This initiative is aimed at the disclosure of ecological culture and to create services aimed at the diffusion and simplest use of non-polluting electric vehicles. In 2020 we will reach 890kW.